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I currently run art workshops/classes at the R Young Gallery in Wokingham every fortnight and will be expanding my locations around the Berkshire and Surrey area. I can also run art workshops for companies which is great for team building and also a tremendous amount of fun.


Explore Colour Theory, 13th May, 2022, R Young Gallery

We will paint a 'pop art' style cow and explore what colours work together.
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Add Movement To Your Paintingss, 10th June 2022, R Young Gallery

Create your own trout painting and learn how to create a dynamic image full of movement, and explore a balanced background emphasises the movement in the painting. here


Learn about Complementary Colours, 24th June 2022, R Young Gallery

Learn how to paint a kingfisher Create your own kingfisher painting and explore movement and complementary colours. here


Learn How to Paint a Colourful Zebra, 8th July 2022, R Young Gallery

Create your own colourful Zebra painting and explore the use of dynamic and bright colours in an inventive way. here

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